Volume 5, Number 2, July 2016 – PED

A review on present status and future prospective of hydroponics technique

N.C. Barman, M.M. Hasan, M.R. Islam, N.A. Banu

Plant Environment Development 5(2):01-07 (Full Text)

Development of an early maturing yellow seeded mung bean variety from local germplasms

S.C. Biswas, M.S. Islam, A.S. Chowdhury, M. Hasan. C.R. Nandi

Plant Environment Development 5(2):08-16 (Full Text)

Is gender expression genetically fixed in ferns?  A study of Culcita macrocarpa

Lipika Ghosh,  Ares Jiménez,  Luis G. Quintanilla

Plant Environment Development 5(2):17-23 (Full Text)

Effect of physical and chemical treatments on sprouting of dormant potato tubers

Nasiruddin, R. Khatun, F.M.A. Haydar, A. Imtiaj, M.F. Alam

Plant Environment Development 5(2):24-27 (Full Text)

Molecular strategies for managing water stress in crop plants

K. Paul

Plant Environment Development 5(2):28-34 (Full Text)


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