Volume 5, Number 1, January 2016 – PED

Callus induction and rhizogenesis in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. Ajwa

A.K. Azad, N.A. Banu, M.M. Rahman, H. Arefin, A. Hossain

Plant Environment Development 5(1):01-06 (Full Text)

Effect of physicochemical components on mycelial growth of Agaricus bisporus-a popular edible mushroom

Ismail, G. Kibriya, J. Hossain, M. Nasiruddin, A. Imtiaj

Plant Environment Development 5(1):07-12 (Full Text)

Influence of different storage temperatures on sprouting characteristics of potato microtubers

M.H.  Rahman, R. Islam, M.  Hossain, S.A. Haider

Plant Environment Development 5(1):13-18 (Full Text)

Prevalence of fungi associated with different parts of jute plant

Shamsi, R. Sultana and P. Chowdhury

Plant Environment Development 5(1):19-25 (Full Text)

Systematic study and medicinal uses of Rutaceae family of Rajshahi district, Bangladesh

D. Roy and A.H.M.M. Rahman

Plant Environment Development 5(1):26-32 (Full Text)