Author instruction

(Papers that do not meet the criteria outlined in the instructions will be rejected)

The journal ‘Plant Environment Development’ publishes original research papers related to plants, environment and development. Two issues of a volume to be published in June and December each year.

The manuscripts should be submitted electronically ([email protected]) typewritten in MS word. Text should be double-spaced with wide margins (left and top 3.8 cm and right and bottom 2.5 cm) on A4 size good quality paper.

Manuscripts should not exceed ten pages and should confirm the style set below:

First page : Title of the paper, Name (s) of Author (s) and affiliation /address of Author (s), e-mail of the corresponding author.
Second page : Title, Keywords, abstract.
Third page : Introduction.
Following page : Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgement and References.

The Title should be very specific and brief; the abstract should contain the gist of the results reported in the paper within 150 words.

The text of the paper should be precise, clear and written in simple English. Metric and Celsius units to be used.

Tables, graphs, figures and / or photographs should be appropriate and minimum as required. Table and graph should not be used for reporting same data. Tables be in separate pages, along with graphs etc they should have proper legends and labels as required. All are submitted in digitized form. Italicize genera, species and varieties but not classes, orders and families.

References should be as follows:

Dowdy. S. and S. Wearden. 1983. Statistics of Research. John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York.

Prain, D. 1903. Bengal Plants. Botanical Survey of India, Calcutta 2: 830-840. Indian reprint (1963).

Darlington, C.D. and M. Kefallinou. 1957. Correlated chromosome aberrations at meiosis in Gasteria. Chromosome 8:364-370.

Mayo, S.J., J. Bogner and P. C. Boyee, 1997. The Genera of Araceae. Royal Botanic Garden, Kew. UK, 370 pp.

Galletta, G. J. 1983. Pollen and seed management. In: Moore J.N. and J. Janick, (eds). Methods in Fruit Breeding. pp 23-47. Purdue Univ. Press. West Lafayette, Indiana.

Short Communications: Research and survey results not exceeding four printed pages including graphs, tables and figures will be published. Continuous presentation without headings, the sections in separate paragraphs be followed. An abstract should report the summary of the results. All papers will be peer reviewed by two referees.

The authors should submit a signed declaration that the research was carried out by them and not published or submitted for publication in any other journal.

Corresponding author will be given 15 free reprints, reprints be requested when the paper is accepted for publication will be charged. Papers exceeding seven print pages and colour printings, if any, will be charged.

Proof: Page proof will be sent to the corresponding author which should be returned within 3 days of receipt, corrections be made by e-mail only. Indicate page number and line for corrections.

Reprints: Authors will have a free copy of the article as portable document format (PDF) file. Please not that no printed hard copy will be sent to authors.